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Welding Machines

Welding machines from Newtech welding are covered by a 1 year commercial warranty and are equipped with quality inverter technology which delivers extra ordinary performance. Unlike many welders on the market Newtech welders are built using superior components sourced from Taiwan, Japan and America. They are then assembled under strict quality standards which ensure product performance & consistency. Inverters welding machines use a lot less input power to get the same output power than the older transformer type machines, so they consume a lot less electricity and therefore are greener to run. Using an inverter-based welder allows you to set the welding power output exactly where you want it. Because inverters are more efficient, they can produce a more stable arc. For this reason, inverter welders take the trophy for both efficiency and stability. In simple terms, In an inverter welding machine, it converts AC power supply into a lower usable output voltage – for example, from 240V AC supply to 20V DC output. Inverter-based devices use a series of electronic components to convert the power – in contrast to conventional transformer-based devices which depend primarily on a single large transformer to regulate the voltage. An inverter works by increasing the frequency of the primary power supply from 50Hz up to 20,000 – 100,000Hz. This is done through the use of electronic switches which turn the power on and off extremely quickly (up to 1 millionth of a second). By controlling the power supply in this way.
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